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ISA Calgary Show
April 5-6, 2022
Telus Convention Centre - Calgary, Canada

2019 Speakers


Peter Boyle

Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Streamline Control Solutions
Peter graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1979 with a B.Sc. in Computing Science. He emigrated to Calgary in 1980 and has been designing and building SCADA systems ever since. Peter formed Streamline Control Solutions in 2011 to assist companies in bridging the gap between their OT and IT environments. He has been involved in building many SCADA systems over the years using standard poll/response architectures and has had hand-on experience with the evolving hardware and software technologies throughout the past four decades. In 2015 Peter headed up a team to embark on building a paradigm-shifting, large-scale, middleware-based SCADA system with a Calgary-based midstream company. This multi-year project built an architecture based on MQTT and provides a framework for enabling data sharing throughout the organization and making previously orphaned data in the field available to applications. The successfully completed first phase provides the operations group with an efficient and reliable communications infrastructure with subsequent phases tying corporate applications into the middleware framework. This architecture will provide the midstream company with the ability to easily add smart devices and applications as the IIOT wave and data analytics continues to build momentum. Peter heads a team at Streamline providing companies with a range of expertise throughout a SCADA system’s lifecycle from architectural design, configuration, testing and cutover. Additional skill sets within the team include communications infrastructure design, regulatory compliance, site surveys, documentation and organizational change management. Peter enjoys hearing about and discussing the technology challenges that have arisen and been solved over the years and what the future holds in applying the latest technologies to SCADA systems and real-time systems in general.